The Canterville Ghost – part 1

Choose whether you prefer to read from a paper copy, or at ESL -Bits, where you are able to both read and listen to the story.

Section I

The Canterville Ghost 13
Image in public domain. Book from Project Gutenberg: The Canterville Ghost. Fetched from Internet Archive

Look up the following words:

haunted –
punctilious –
honour –
dress for dinner –
rector –
parish –
purchase –
a belle –
refinement –
peerage –
Duke –
propose –
guardian – housekeeper – curtsey –
Tudor –
stained glass –


Discuss in groups of three or four,

  • Washington is fond of the peerage. What does that mean, and why is that regarded as a weakness?
  • What is Pinkerton’s Champion Stain Remover and Paragon Detergent  and what impression is conveyed to the reader of the label?

Write down you answers and make a brief summary of the story behind the ghost at Canterville Chase.

The Canterville Ghost