Bibliotek och boksamlingar

1415502640_libraryAmerican Literature1415668756_flag_usa  free ebooks
1415502640_libraryBibliomania – poems, articles, short stories and plays 1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryBITS Listen & Read. Audiobooks, novellas, short stories, intermediate, advanced, songs.1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-321415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryBritish Library – Digitised Manuscripts 1415668812_flag_united_kingdom – Great Literature Online1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryGoogle Books
1415502640_libraryThe European Library– 48 National Libraries of Europe and leading European Research Libraries
1415502640_libraryHarry Ransom Center Digital Collections – The Harry Ransom Center is an internationally renowned humanities research library and museum. Its extensive holdings provide a unique record of the creative process of writers and artists, deepening our understanding of literature, photography, film, art, and the performing arts.
1415502640_libraryInternational Children’s Digital Library1415669837_keyboard_layout
1415502640_libraryThe John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning, 1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryLibris  Fria e-böcker/artiklar
1415502640_libraryLitteraturbanken  Svenska klassiker1415668712_flag_sweden
1415502640_libraryLoyal Books 1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-321415668756_flag_usa  1415668812_flag_united_kingdom 1415668712_flag_sweden
newsMonoscope – Avant-garde & modernist magazines   (1890-1939)
1415502640_libraryOpen Culture Audio Books 1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-321415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryOpen Culture ebooks  1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryOpen Culture textbooks 1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryOpen Libra 1415669375_flag_spain
1415502640_libraryOpen Library  1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryOxford Owl Library, books for children 1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryQuestia library of free online books1415668812_flag_united_kingdom
1415502640_libraryUS National Library of Medicine
1415502640_libraryWorld Digital Library

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