Assignments and lesson plans

All files on this page should be embedded. Just klick the image to see the whole document. You can also download the files in pdf-format. Klick the link marked with a pdf symbol 1415297998_file_acrobat

There are also links to collection with material available in hte Public Domain. These are marked with the icon  1415319713_Sign Public


Student News – worksheets

CNN student News 14 Sept 2015

CNN student News 11 Sept 2015



Applying for a job


The Communication Process1415297998_file_acrobatThe Communication Process



Australia - writing in ENGENG051415297998_file_acrobatFilm Report- Australia
Film Report 1415297998_file_acrobat Film Report- Edward Scissorhands

1415297998_file_acrobat Film report-Walk the Line


Questions for Discussing Literature1415297998_file_acrobat Discussion questions for literature


Elizabethan England – Queen Elizabeth I 1415297998_file_acrobatElizabethan England

Shakespeare´s England1415297998_file_acrobat Shakespeare’s England

Shakespeare´s Englsh1415297998_file_acrobatShakespeare English


1415319713_Sign PublicFolger Shakespeare Library Digital Image Collection ”This database offers access to tens of thousands of high resolution images from the Folger Shakespeare Library, including books, theater memorabilia, manuscripts, and art. Users can show multiple images side-by-side, zoom in and out, view cataloging information when available, export thumbnails, and construct persistent URLs linking back to items or searches.”

Civil Rights in the English Speaking World1415297998_file_acrobatCivil rights Eng6


Bild etc

Textur 1415297998_file_acrobat Textur_ digitalt skapande_ Henrika Florén


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