Textbooks & Exercises (ENGENG06)

Core 2

Core 2 ALL student sound files  1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-32
Practice Core 2 vocabulary
Core 2 textbook (extracts from smakprov.se) 1415502558_stock_book_green
Core 2 textbook (pp. 15-18) “Learning the hard way from Life of Pi by Yann Martel”
Core 2 textbook (pp. 146-153), “The Story of and Hour by Kate Chopin”
Core 2 textbook (pp. 220-221) “Listening  Skills. A Spanish Adventure”
Core 2 textbook   (pp. 230-231) “Speaking Skills, The Internet”
Core 2 textbook   (pp. 242-243) “Writing Skills, Writing a Story”


1415502558_stock_book_greenBlueprint B  1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-32Listen to the texts, (engelska 6)


1415502558_stock_book_greenEngelska 5 & 6 – Outlooks on

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