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English Grammar Films
Irregular English verbs

Other links and resources

Adjective endings (BBC)
Agreeing (BBC)
As…as (BBC)
Appias diagnoser
Basic English Grammar (an infographics)
BBC – skillswise – adjectives
BBC – skillswise. Adverbs
BBC – skillswise – connectives
BBC – skillswise – nouns
BBC – skillswise – pronouns
BBC – skillswise – verbs
Common Irregular Verbs
Habits ‘used to’ (BBC)
How to Study Irregular Verbs
Ing forms
Interactive quizes (grammar and writing)
Irregular Verbs
Irregular verbs II
Irregular verbs IIII
List of irregular verbs
Modal auxiliary verbs ‘(BBC)
Modals (BBC)
Past continuous and past simple
Past regrets (BBC)
Phrasal verbs (BBC)
Plurals (BBC)
Prepositions (BBC)
Present continuous
Pronouns (BBC)
‘Still’, ‘already’ and ‘yet’ (BBC)
Subject-Verb Agreement
SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Additional Practice 1
SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Additional Practice 2
SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT: Additional Practice 3
Subject-Verb and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Problems
Test on Relative Clauses
What are word types? (explanation)


Grammar Quizzes

Quiz on Subject-Verb Agreement
Second Quiz on Subject-Verb Agreement
Third Quiz on Subject-Verb Agreement


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