Exercises & Resources

1415331900_KDE Resources ConfigurationThe English Club online

1415331900_KDE Resources ConfigurationBBC learning English
1415331900_KDE Resources ConfigurationBBC learning zone
1415331855_exercise_3D-128BBC quiznet
1415331855_exercise_3D-128Letter of Application (word gaps)
1415331855_exercise_3D-128Practice tests CAE Camebridge Certificate English
1415331900_KDE Resources ConfigurationStudent exercises from Longman

Rooting out words –  learning to recognize prefixes and suffisex. The origins of English from FunBrain
The Great Vowel Shift – The History of English. How English went form an obscure dialect to a world language.


by henrikafloren

1415331900_KDE Resources ConfigurationDiscussing Literature (Filmed presentation)
1415297998_file_acrobatDiscussion questions for literature (pdf)
1415331855_exercise_3D-128Who wrote the book ( googleformulär)


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