Teach using AI-writer

AI-writer is a tool which can be used by students to sidestep the learning process the teacher has intended. To avoid ‘ghost writing’ or plagiarism, or at least design a teaching and learning situation that makes it much harder for students to plagiarise, I suggest teachers can use AI-writer (and similar tools) after the motto ‘if you can’t beat them – join them’.

Generally speaking, shaping methods for tracking, observing and documenting students’ work and learning processes will help in making it harder for students to plagiarise and take ‘short-cuts’. The main focus is to make learning happen, but also to avoid cheating.

The example below outlines such as process and incorporates the use of AI-writer in the teaching and learning process.

Writing exercise using AI writer

Step 1: Go to  ai-writer.com then type in 3-4 keywords and generate a text.

Step 2: Evaluate the sources found. This should be discussed in groups. Remove what is problematic and motivate why.

Step 3: Rework the AI- generated text using sources from  course literature.

Step 4: Write a reflection or discussion on the process.

(The instruction has been edited)

AI writing instruction

You can download the instruction here

Writing exercise using AI writer

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This post was edited and updated 2019-03-18

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