The AI that recognises writing style

I recently wrote a post about AI writer, plagiarism and teaching. but there is also an AI for combatting the problem of students using ghost writers. Ghost writing is when somebody else writes the text and not the student him/herself. Such texts are original and not plagiarised, and will not show up in standard automatic plagiarism checks.

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However, this is a problem which is related to plagiarism, and AI-writer(s) could be considered a kind of ghost writers as well as a form of plagiarism. Whichever way you choose to view the phenomenon the problem stays the same. The student is not representing his/her own knowledge, and is sidestepping the learning process you experience when working with constructing a text.

But if one AI can produce text with a bit of prompting another can learn to recognise the written ‘fingerprint’ of a particular writer and recognise breaks in individual style. Such an AI called EMMA already exists ( that from only 5000 words claims to recognise individual writing styles. If you are interested, there is a tutorial  at You will also find terms of use where you find the tutorial. (Due to the new EU Copyright directive I am removing direkt links in posts, to anything which may fall under the new copyright laws. I regret that I  can no longer give you this service).

At this point I have several questions I would like answered before I would begin to trust the results EMMA or other similar AI produce. Foremost, what happens with progression and developing writers’ changes in style and competence? But, just as with AI-writer(s), this is something the teaching community should be aware of and keep an eye out for. For good or for worse, AIs are coming in practically every field and education will be no exception.

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This post was edited and updated 2019-03-18

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