Dystopia in Literature – Lesson 4

After reading Fahrenheit 451 and watching 1984 you should write, “Dystopia in Literature, a Comparative Study”.Dystopia in literature

Write a formal structured ESSAY where you consider the filmed adaptation of 1984 (Orwell) and the novel Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury), and compare them from the following aspects,

  1. How truth is handled.
  2. How literature is regarded and dealt with.
  3. How war is described and the functions of war.
  4. Hope, if there is hope and in what form and finally,
  5. in the end, who wins and why?

Part 3: Essay Instruction

If you are aiming for the higher grades you can also include a comparison of the use of symbols and metaphors in Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. (See post Literary Devices). In your analysis you should exemplify, building your analysis using examples from the text (quote or retell) and the film (refer to scene or passage).

Your text should have a clear logic with a coherent use of paragraphs, linking devices and a formal register. Remember not to use contractions.


General Writing OutlineFor help with your writing, structure, linking words etc. please refer to

Core 2, p. 249 devices for argumentative vs reasoning text)Viewpoints 3, pp 200-201 ”Literary Analysis”
Ready for CAE p. 197 ”Essay”


AND the document General Writing Instructions




Gustafsson, J., Hjorth, M. & Kinrade, E. (2009). Core English. 2. (1. uppl.) Stockholm: Bonnier utbildning.

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