Dystopia in Literature – Lesson 3

Embedded booklet with full instructions for the theme to the right and below instruction to use while watching the film 1984.Dystopia in literature

Watch 1984 using the instructions for ‘while watching’.  (It should be the version with John Hunt and filmed in 1984)

Questions to consider while you watch. (Take notes)

What is most significant about Winton’s, Julia’s and O’Brains characters?

How do you react to the starting scene and the phrase ”Who controls the past controls the future”?
What is this communal mass outpouring of emotion at the start of the film?

What is the role of Newspeak?
What is the role of censoring?
What is thought crime?
Waht is sex crime?Part 2: while watching 1984
What is the function of the hidden diary in the story? Does it symbolize anything?

What is the significance of (the sign of) the ’crossed arms’?
What is room 101?
What or who is Big Brother? Is he/it a real person?

What is the role of war? In this film?
How is technology used by the party?
Winston lives in Oceania, what is the rest of the world like?

What is the function of the symbols Winston’s paperweight, the St. Clement’s Church picture and the red armed woman and the “the place where there is no darkness.”

Winston’s public confession. Does he believe what he is saying? Is he a broken man?

And what about the relationship between Jula and Winston, how would you describe its different stages?

An most important, what is the role of language? (double think, newspeak)


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