A President’s Address

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Theme ‘Visions’

An introduction to langugage ideology and power

A President’s Address

Presidential Speeches: Discussion – rhetorics and power

The assignment “A President’s Address”

1) A President’s Address

Start with watching and listening to President Obama’s inauguration speech (21 minutes)

After listening read the speech as FUll text

Look up unfamiliar vocabulary to make sure you understand the message in this speech.

The full text with key vocabulary translated into Swedish can be found on pages 9-14 in the textbook Viewpoints 3 (accessable through smakprov.se).  There are vocabulary exercises on (pp. 16-18) in Viewpoints 3.

2) Analyse and interpret (work together in groups of 2-4 students)

  • Would the speech have been different if given by a politican in your country? How ? Try to find at least three points where this speech could have been different.
  • “The words have been spoken during rising tides of prosperity and the still waters of peace. Yet, every so often the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms” The three marked expressions in this quote are examples of metaphors. Why are metaphors used, do you think. What associations (connotations) do these metaphors carry?
  • For more questions see page 15 in the textbook Viewpoints 3

3)  Write a speech to Parliament.

  • You should write your speech and then record your spoken delivery of the speech.
  • The speech should be adapted to the intended audience (which is the Parliament in your country)
  • Your task is to write write a speech on the challenges in the job market for the young generations.
  • The speech should have a thesis, two or three  arguments and one counter argument.
  • You should also include at least one rhetorical device (see the links below)
  • The assignment is adapted from the textbook Viewpoints 3 see page 19 (writing task 1).

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