Coraline – Lesson 3


I. Start with the main characters. Who are they? What is your impression of them?

Characters in Coraline.png

II. Characters: How characters are depicted in text.

”Never trust anyone who doesn’t believe in the power of the imagination” (William Shakespeare)

Have a look at the links below. What types of Characters are there in Coraline?

Types of characters in literature

How important are the different characters to the story?

Character Matters

When you read you get a feeling about the people in the story. What does the author do to crate that feeling? Look for clues in the text.

Character Descriptions – Learn from the Pros! ”Show, don’t tell.”

Lesson plan

Coraline Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is available online, where you can also download it in pdf-format.

After reading the book you can do a quiz on the text

You may want to read the Neil Gaiman Exclusive Interview.

You can read more about the author Neil Gaiman on his website



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Coraline – After Reading the book



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