Coraline – Lesson 4


Part 2

1. Read the following chapters: VI,  VII and VIII .

2. Do the vocabulary exrcises in the worksheet, page 3 (see below)

3.  Reading Comprehension

What is special about the cat in the story?
What does the other mother like to eat, and how do you react to that?
Who are the other children in the closet, and how did they end up there?
What do you think is the significance of the button eyes in this story?

4. Continue working with mapping characters after having reading 2/3 of the book

How do the characters develop as the text progresses? Discuss and compare with students in your group. Pick out specific parts (quote) from the text to support your arguments. Then continue to fill in the characteristics in the map (p.5).

Lesson plan

Coraline Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is available online, where you can also download it in pdf-format.





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