Structuring your writing

Structure improves your writing. The function of structure and paragraphs  is to make a text clearer and easier to read and understand.

In this post there are some resources collected to help you with improving your writing. Links in the text below will take you to exercies and more extensive explanations when you feel a need for more help or information.

Click the image below to access the activity/exercise

Skillswise structure and paragraphs

All texts should have a clear beginning, a middle and an end, but there are many different types of text. Before you start writing an essay make sure you know which type of essay you are going to write.

You should also think about your audience. For whom are you writing? Format and style depend on what you write as well as on who you audience are.

“Structure, tone, style and adapting to your audience can help you create your own literary works”. Find out why they are important.

As a help you can use  TAP (T – text, A – audience, P – purpose)

Text refers to the type of text you are being asked to write: letter, magazine article, story, etc. T

Audience is who you are writing for. This may be teenagers, adults or even children.

Purpose refers to the point of the text and what it is aiming to do.

Now you should start planning your writing. (Instructions  on how to plan a text).


Resourses to improve your writing can be found at Bitesize and at Skillswise.

General Writing Outline

Please feel free to use the General Writing Outline.
The instruction is available online (click the embedded file to the left) where you can download the instruction in pdf-format.







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