The BFG (After reading the book)

When you have finished reading The BFG and worked both with language and content in the text there is a final task.


Now you write an ESSAY based on this book.  The BFG lessonplan
In this essay you mix your own imagination with information straight from the book. In other words, you must quote or retell parts from the book in your essay, while telling your own, made-up story.

Quote – Within this sign “ “ you quote exactly what is written in the book, and mention between brackets at what page you find these particular words, f.ex:
When describing one of the dreams the BFG says “This one would make your teeth stand on end!” (page 76).

Retell – This is when you, in your own words, tell parts of the story, f.ex:
One day Sophie has had enough and is determined to put an end to the awful eating habits of the terrible giants. She makes a very clever plan.

The essay should be 300 – 600 words long.
Choose ONE of the following topics:

1 The Ancestry of my Kind. My own True Story. (The BFG )
2 Sophie’s Diary after Having Met the Queen. ( Your own title. )
3 Report from the Pit. ( One of the nasty giants tells his story. )
4 What Dreams mean to Me. ( The Queen )
5 The Most Demanding Challenge in my Career. (The Queen’s Butler)

The complete worksheet can be found in pdf format below or just click the embedded file above to the right.

Worksheet: 1415297898_stock_save-pdfThe BFG_Work Sheet_illustrated_20160817

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The BFG (After reading the book)

The assignment has been constructed in collaboration with Marie Erenius Bergqvist (content)



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