The BFG (Part 5)

The BFG, working with the text

Now you finish reading the book, of course work with text and language.

The BFG lessonplan

1. We read the following chapters and finish the book: ( 87 minutes)

Mixing the Dream, page 117

Journey to London

The Palace

The Queen

The Royal Breakfast

The Plan


Feeding Time

The Author, page 196.

Some questions to consider:

  • How does the BFG manage not to be seen when in London?
  • How does he find the Queen’s bedroom?
  • What is Sophie’s reaction at being left seated on the Queen’s window sill?
  • When does the Queen begin to see that it wasn’t just a dream?
  • The breakfast at the palace, what difficulties did the butler have and how did he solve them?
  • How are the guests treated by the Queen?
  • How does she make sure that what Sophie tells her is absolutely true?
  • What happens to the bad giants? In your opinion, was it a good solution?
  • What happens to the BFG?

The complete worksheet can be found in pdf format below or just click the embedded file above to the right.

Worksheet: 1415297898_stock_save-pdfThe BFG_Work Sheet_illustrated_20160817

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The assignment has been constructed in collaboration with Marie Erenius Bergqvist (content)



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