The BFG (Part 2)

The BFG, working with the text

After reading and working with the first third of the book it is time to continue with the next few chapters.

The BFG lessonplan

We read the following chapters: (30 minutes)

The Giants, page 23,
The Marvellous Ears, page 30.

Some questions to consider:

  • Why did this nice giant snatch Sophie away?
  • What does Sophie tell us about the orphanage where she lives?
  • Consider the excellent hearing ability of The BFG. If you hear as well as he does, what happens to you as a person?

The complete worksheet can be found in pdf format below or just click the embedded file above to the right.

Worksheet: 1415297898_stock_save-pdfThe BFG_Work Sheet_illustrated_20160817

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The assignment has been constructed in collaboration with Marie Erenius Bergqvist (content)


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