The BFG (Part 1)

The BFG, working with the text

The BFG is the story of a girl called Sophie who meets the Big Friendly Giant. Although he looks scary he is a kind-hearted soul who is an outcast among the other giants  because he refuses to eat children.

We start by reading the first third of the book and work with words and expressions as well as text comprehension.

The BFG lessonplan

We read the following chapters: (25 minutes)

The Witching Hour, page 1,
Who? page 4
The Snatch, page 8,
The Cave, page 12,
The BFG, page 17.

Some questions to consider:

  • When Sophie looks out through the window at night how is the street described?
  • Read the description of the BFG on page 8 and 9. If you didn’t know that a giant was described, what would your impression be then?
  • Now we know that the giant is friendly. What signs would have told that before? In your answer state on what page those signs may be found.
  • The man-eating giants, how do they choose what kind of people to eat?

The complete worksheet can be found in pdf format below or just click the embedded file above to the right.

Worksheet: 1415297898_stock_save-pdfThe BFG_Work Sheet_illustrated_20160817

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The BFG (After reading the book)

The assignment has been constructed in collaboration with Marie Erenius Bergqvist (content)


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