The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice

Working with the filmed verison (2004) of Shakespeare’s play.

Before watching the film

Read the story synopsis and the plot overview 

Have a look at themes in The Merchant of Venice: from Sparksnotes

Check up historical references to find out about Venice in the 13th-14th Century, and the status of the Jewish Community in England at Shakespeare’s time.

Find some famous quotes  and expressession (5-10) from The Merchant of Venice. Make a list of these. Find out what they mean or how they are used today.

All Great Quotes:

William Shakespeare Quotes:

Sparknotes: Important Quotes Explained

You should then watch/listen to the film and pay attention to when and how these words/sentences are used in the story.

After watching the film

Discuss themes in The Merchant of Venice:  use themes from LitCharts


Discuss the situation of the Jewish community in the story?

Which famous quotes/expressions did you notice and in which context were they used (when and how these words/sentences were used) in the story. Do you see any difference in how these expressions are used today compared to how they are used in the film (play)?



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