Civil Rights…(Lesson 2)

Lesson plan Civil Rights in the English Speaking World

Civil Rights in the English Speaking World

The outline and lesson plans are constructed for lessons which are 60- 90 minutes long.  The instuctions can be downloaded as a pdf 1415297898_stock_save-pdfINSTRUCTIONS: Civil rights_Eng6_Lessonplan or read online.

Each lesson will also appear as a post here on this blog which links and embedded resources.

Lesson 2

I. The teacher starts the lesson with asking students about their work so far.

II. then introduces a short background to slavery in the USA


Slave Auction, image in Public Domain

Watch Origins of Slavery in America 1413400011_movie

Students then read the text that supplements the film (same link as for the film)

More information can be found at  Spartacus Educationel: Slavery in America

III. The teacher the also introduces a short background to Australia’s Stolen Generations.


”The term “Stolen Generations” is used for Aboriginal people forcefully taken away (stolen) from their families betweenthe 1890s and 1970s, many to never to see their parents, siblings or relatives again. Because the period covers many decades we speak of “generations” (plural) rather than “generation”

A guide to Australia’s Stolen Generations

Also watch (if possible) a short extract from the motion picture Austrialia, where the boy Nullah is taken. 1413400011_movie

IV. Continue with a group activity.

”Group activity (in class) – In groups of 3-5 students discuss and compare the different issues of slavery in America and The Stolen Children in Australia.

Hand in: Either take notes or make a recording of your discussion and hand in before the end of the lesson.

V. Students continue their work with researching their chosen topic. Save the search results and add these to the document ’list of sources’ already set up.

VI.The teacher shows students how to use the HarvardGenerator for referencing web sources. Just cut and paste your url (the text in you search window) and you will get a proper reference, which you then cut and paste into your reference list.

A. An example: The film Australia (below) with the link http:// Should look like this….

Australia (2008) – IMDb. 2015. Australia (2008) – IMDb. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 08 September 2015].

… in your list of sources

Homework for next lesson:

Homework 2: Hand in a document with your list of sources in proper format using the HarvardGenerator  for referencing. Name your document Civil Rights_references_class_your name.


The motion picture Australia (with Nichole Kidman and Hugh Jackman)can be watched with this project and the situation of the child Nullah discussed and analysed as an example of one ’stolen child’.

Civil rights

Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights
Civil Rights – a themed project in English 6
Civil rights…(Lesson 1)

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