The Curious Incident… (Lesson 5)

Lesson plan The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, by Mark Haddon.

INSTRUCTIONS_ Reading fiction_The Curious Incident_outline_lessonplan

The outline and lesson plans are constructed for six lessons which are 90-120 minutes long. For shorter lessons the planned content needs to be spread out over two or more lessons. The instuctions can be downloaded as a pdf 1415297898_stock_save-pdfINSTRUCTIONS_ Reading fiction_The Curious Incident_outline_lessonplan or read online. Each lesson will also appear as a post here on this blog which links and embedded resources.


What are themes? and how do I find them? Theme in Literature

Finding a Theme of a Book

Literary Devices: Theme and examples of themes

Common themes in literature – tutorial

II. The teacher gives examples of themes in well known stories, for example Lord of The Rings, Snow White etc… And ask students to give examples of stories, films, books… with common themes for example love, good and evil.


III.Teacher feedback on the second writing task (Homework 4). IV. Students read in class while individual feedback is given.

Homework 5: Finish reading the book chapters 191-233 for next lesson. Think about themes in the book. Also prepare 3-5 examples from the text to discuss next lesson.




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