The Curious Incident… (Lesson 3)

Lesson plan The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, by Mark Haddon.

INSTRUCTIONS_ Reading fiction_The Curious Incident_outline_lessonplan

The outline and lesson plans are constructed for six lessons which are 90-120 mintes long. For shorter lessons the planned content needs to be spread out over two or more lessons. The instuctions can be downloaded as a pdf 1415297898_stock_save-pdfINSTRUCTIONS_ Reading fiction_The Curious Incident_outline_lessonplan or read online. Each lesson will also appear as a post here on this blog which links and embedded resources.

I. Start with a short recapitulation about the main characters. Who are they? What is your impression of them?

II. Characters: How characters are depicted in text. The teacher shows examples of character descriptions using extracts from the text, and then the links below for more examples.

“Never trust anyone who doesn’t believe in the power of the imagination” (William Shakespeare)

The 40 coolest characters in literature

Character Matters

Character Descriptions – Learn from the Pros! ”Show, don’t tell.”

III.Then discuss

what does the expression someones’ singular personality mean, and

how do you look for examples of this in the text?

IV. Teacher feedback on the first writing task (Homework 2).

V. Students read in class while individual feedback is given.

Feedback will focus on form and content.

VI. Review how to discuss literature’ using the presentation, which you can download as pdf

1415297898_stock_save-pdfDiscussion questions for literature(1) or read online.Questions for Discussing Literature

Homework for next lesson:

Homework 3: As preparation for next lesson read 2/3 of the book chapters 109-190.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time ESL listening 1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-321415502558_stock_book_green

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The Curious Incident… (Lesson 2)

The Curious Incident… (Lesson 4)

The Curious Incident… (Lesson 5)

The Curious Incident… (Lesson 6)


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