Language history – Shakespeare’s time

Shakespeare´s EnglandShakespeare’s England was a turbulent place. Find out some more about Shakespeare and these turbulent times by exploring the recources below.

Instructions: read online or download 1415297898_stock_save-pdf Shakespeare’s England

Listen to 1415648046_Gnome-Audio-Volume-Medium-32 Treason and Plots

More information about: William Shakespeare from BBC history

First watch Shakespeare’s World – History of Britain A08 

Then read the text Shakespeare’s England (from PBS In Search from Shakespeare’s World)  and answer the questions.


When and where was Shakespeare born?

What was England like at the time of Shakespeare’s birth? Describe.

What was the political situation in England at the time of Shakespeare’s birth?

Which was the most important industry? Also mention some important imports?

Compare society in Shakespeare’s England with what you know about today’s society.

Then move on to Shakespeare’s English – Middle English to Early Modern English,

which you can read online or download  1415297898_stock_save-pdfShakespeares english_text_questions Questions on Shakespeare English

Listen to an example of Shakespear’s English at bbc history;

Shakespeare´s Englsh

Then find out more about English language history:
  1. Give one exampel of language change form Chaucer’s English to Shakespeare’s English.!
  2. Give three examples of how Early Modern English (Shakespeare’s English) is different formModern English.!
  3. What was the background for the enormous increase in vocabulary in the English Language between 1530-1660?


More on Shakespeare


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