Mary Shelley and Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankensteins monster_coverMary Shelley (1797- 1851) was an English writer who wrote the famous  book Frankenstein’s Monster. (The text of the edition linked here is from the revised edition of 1831, made available by The University of Adelaide.)

She was the daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft  also a writer, as well as advocate for women’s rights, and the journalist and novelist William Godwin.

At BBC Bitesize you can read  shortly about Mary Shelley, the time she lived in and her literary background. What influenced her in dreaming up the story about Frankenstein’s monster? What messages does the book carry? Why is the story still so popular? It is being filmed over and over again and who haven’t heard of Frankensteins monster?

Read more in the article Frankenstein: 10 possible meanings

Frankenstein’s Monster and more books to be found at Books in English


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