Britain around 1800: Society and literature

At this time time Britain was a class society which is reflected in the literature from the time. It it the time of  “Oliver Twist, the Great Exhibition, sprawling cities, speeding railways, freakshows and murder”. To find out more at the British Library -click the image below.

British Library_timelines

Famous authors from the century include  Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and H G Wells. (Images below in Public Domain)

640px-Jane_Austen_coloured_versionJane Austen Charles_Dickens2Charles Dickens Wells_hollyerH G Wells

The industrial revolution had begun but around 1800 little had changed as yet. It was still the time of horsepower and then came steam and changed everything. Read more about this at BBC history: All Change in the Victorian AgeSteam and the railways required coal mining for fuel. It was also the time time of Jack the Ripper.


(Image in public domain from the British Library.)

If you want more specific information about dates for people and events during the first half of the century you can look at Timeline Great Britain 1800-1859.

This post is a collection of digital material which can be used for learning and teaching.

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