Myths and stories

The aboriginal myths are a wealth of stories.

Dreamtime of the Aborigines – Ancient Civilizations


How the Kangaroo got its pouch

These stories are about ancient times and ancient people. Another ancient would be Homo floresiensis also nicknamed the Hobbit. They lived on the island of Flores (Indonesia) some 18,000 years ago.

Homo floresiensis - forensic facial reconstruction By Cicero Moraes (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Who were they?

Several fossils of the hominid have been found. The first female skeleton is the most complete, a 3-foot-tall (1 meter), 30-year-old adult female. They probably weighed between 66 and 77 pounds (30 and 35 kilograms). It is not known how they got to the island Flores or why they were so small.  Scientists are debating whether the Hobbit specimens represent an extinct species in the human family tree. Read more at Homo Floresiensis: Facts About the ‘Hobbit’  from and Homo floresiensis: scientists clash over claims ‘hobbit man’ was modern human with Down’s syndrome from the Guardian.

Now can you write you own myth with Homo floresiensis in the story?


This post is a collection of digital material which can be used for learning and teaching.



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