JF Kennedy: Who was he and why is he important?

When learning English as a second language you also learn about the English speaking world, which includes history and politics.

How much do you know about the Cold war period and the president JF Kennedy? Who was he and why is he important?

John F. Kennedy Assassination 1963 – Stock Footage Newsreel


NG Geostory JFK_imageMany English textbooks for ESL have texts or chapters on JFK where you can also learn about the time and the man. To learn more about JFK see:  A President and His Assassin from National Geograhic Education, where I recommend A President and His Assassin Geostory . (Unfortunately not embedded here. Follow the link below)


The short news item 50 Years later: The JFK Assasination from CNN.com is dated but still interesting because it shows something of his importance in American society still. You may also like 5 things you might not know about JFK’s assassination (also from CNN).

And Lee Harvey Oswald, who was he? There are many questions around the JFK assassination which are still unanswered.

Newsreel of Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot

Killing Kennedy is an interactive experience from National Geographic (click below)

Killing Kennedy _NG

This post is a collection of digital material which can be used for learning and teaching.



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